California State Regulation GC 65852.2 adopted by local ordinances allows for accessory dwelling units added on multi-family buildings. This regulation allows the asset owners to:

  • Increase the property’s NOI at a favorable cost basis
  • Achieve market rents on the additional units at a sizeable return on cost (ROC)–typically between 8%-15%

  • Owners can increase the resale value with entitled ADU plans

  • Choose to do permitting, construction, or full service design / build with Biayna in one stop"

Building Types

How Many ADUs Can be Added?

Option 1: Typically, two (2) detached units can be added.

Option 2: All or some of the existing non-livable accessory spaces within the building (e.g., mechanical rooms, storage rooms, tuck-under parking areas, etc.) may be converted to rentable living units.

Option 3: Combine options 1 & 2 if enough space is available.

What Size Can the ADU Be?
  • ADUs can range from 200sqft studios to 1,200sqft units.

  • ADU sizes will be limited by the size of the existing spaces.

  • Contact us for feasibility studies.

Parking Requirements for ADUs
  • No additional parking will be required for the ADUs.

  • The ADUs can even be built within the existing parking areas without necessitating to provide additional parking.

Can Soft-Story Retrofit be Combined with ADU Construction for Tuck-Under Parking Areas?

Yes, construction of the ADU will also comply with the mandatory soft-story requirements for those areas and can minimize overall costs by including the seismic retrofitting within the ADU construction scope.

Cost of Design & Construction

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